On his way to open shop, of course someone would bump into Judai head first as he was turning the corner sharply, passively putting up his hands with a suave smile.

 ”Ah don’t sweat it; Everyone wants a piece of me anyway.”

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

—The weather had been in Judai’s favor; Seeing as he had some free time from the usual business at the card shop, it would be better to spend the evening outdoors rather than from behind a counter top. So for old time’s sake, after closing up early, that is, he dusted off his old baseball bat and ball and headed over to the closest empty park he could find.

It was funny, how ambitions came and gone through life—He hadn’t really been into the sport since his younger days, dreams of becoming the best despite his apathy long unrealized. But he was feeling those old urges creeping up on him today, confidently picking up the aluminum bat with drive.

Tossing the ball just about a meter or so above his head, he swung with great purpose and watched it fly with satisfaction. Albeit the feeling was nostalgic, nothing could have prepared him from the strike of fear as the baseball went dive bombing right atop some poor unsuspecting pedestrian’s head. 

 ”Ah, damn…!”

Dropping his bat without a second thought, Judai’s feet took off in a hurrying sprint as he made his way over to his victim; It was just in his luck that such crazy hijinks would ensue…

"Oh, hey," he started sheepishly, adding on his sincere apology soon after "—I’m really sorry about that! Are you okay?”


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EVENT 2! ★JOB FAIR!★: Card Shop Foo Fighter!

Right; This was his first real task, to seize the opportunity by the teeth! With only a little less than a day to flaunt his flawless talents—smooth talking came at a second nature after all—Judai had to bring the dusty ol’ card shop a bit of life. It wouldn’t be too hard though, given that he was just brimming with enough energy to light the whole city; Brushing off the counter and smoothing out his apron, he nodded to himself, rearing to go. They’d be booming with business in no time!

Hearing that subtle jingle of opening glass doors, Judai spun on his heel and faced the customer with an enthusiastic smile—Just recite it like you did in front of the mirror; Deep breath aaaa—nd!

image ”—Welcome to Card Shop Foo Fighter! Not only do we have every recent card pack stocked but we’ll let you use our exclusive tables to play to your heart’s content! What can I do for you?”


 Toshi Mod’s got mad SASS


Name: Judai Yuki (十代遊城)

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Personality: An upbeat young man with a knack for excitement and mischief; Judai is a natural born leader and friend maker. Because of his air-headed nature towards hostility, he comes off as incredibly ignorant of the dislike that other individuals have for him, even if despite the obvious tension. His carefree attitude and lack of thought get him into trouble, though he always means well. One of Judai’s common traits is that he tends to make jokes or puns, even in some situations where it is not appropriate. Most of the jokes he makes are at someone’s expense (much to their own chagrin) but he always manages to make people crack a smile.

Job: Full time job at Card Shop Foo Fighter.

Extra?: Freshly flunked out of high school, Judai came to Toshi City to live out his dream of playing his favorite card games. He’d really like it if he could room up with someone interested in the same hobby.

Personal: enaki


by ゆた子

Title: 10
Artist: ゆた子
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Title: 10

Artist: ゆた子